Sessions & Custom Videos

Requests for sessions and custom matches can be emailed to:

Welcome To The Thunder Zone: Enter At Your Own Risk

Session Wrestling in NYC and NJ

Session Requests

Please contact us by email:

Or call the hotlines at:

917 272 3621
917 474 5746

Available Wrestlers

Below are the ladies..... And man monster available for sessions.

Welcome to the Thunder Zone

Our ladies are very stunning and all professionally trained. Our Thunder Kittens offer a wide range of sessions ranging from fantasy to competitive wrestling.

We have two facilities for hosting sessions in the Hudson county area of New Jersey and in the New York City area. Both locations have mats and air conditioned (during the summer of course).

We only ask that our client stick to safe and sane rules, always conduct themselves in a gentleman like manner, and that none of these sessions will end in any sexual nature whatsoever!

Come on, lets just all have some fun. :)

Session Match Options

Here is our list of exciting sessions we offer:

  • Fantasy wrestling
  • Semi-competative
  • Wrestling Domination
  • Scissor Sessions
  • Boxing Domination...(one sided of course on our end:)
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Stomping and Pouncing: Where u are bombarded by foot stomps and body splashes time after time after time after time....:)

2 vs 1 match/handicapped match - New

Two of our girls against you!

Girl vs Girl Sessions - New

Two Choices:

  1. Where you are the spectator
  2. Your significant other against one of our girls!

(wrestling or boxing)

Intergender Matches

Featuring our male wrestler: The Dark Machine

This is a new venue that we are offering that seems to be getting very popular!

Machine vs Female

This scenario you have three options

  1. The Dark Machine vs Thunder Kitten

    Watch The Dark Machine live squash a Thunder Kitten of your choice right in front of video(match can be video taped)

  2. The Dark Machine vs Your Significant Other

    When you saw the machine squash the kittens, did you ever fantasize about it being your girl? Nows your chance to make it come true!

    (match can be video taped as well)

  3. Inter-gender Tag Matches

    You and your girl against the machine and kitten of your choice (match can be video taped as well)

No one else offers entertainment like this!!!