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March 06, 2014

TK260 - Niki Lee Young vs Diana

Niki thinks that by beating the boss. it would be a feather in her cap to show the other ladies that she means business! Seriously Niki? Both ladies are dressed in pro gear and tights as they take turn wearing each other down with body shots. bear hugs. reverse bear hugs. knee lifts. surfboards. camel clutches and of course lots of scissor holds! Both ladies are evenly matches and Niki gives Diana a run for her money. Does The Queen of Squeeze claim another victim or does Niki make a name for herself at Diana's expense? Either way. this is a great match to have!

March 06, 2014

TK259 - Niki Lee Young vs Apocalypse

the International Superstar takes on the champ Apocalypse in one of the sexiest bikini battles we have shot to date! Niki Lee is relentless as she attacks Apocalypse with a barrage of belly punches. low blows. belly to belly splashes. breast smothers and reverse face sit pins. school girl pins. and applying her sexy scissor holds on the Goddess' neck and waist. Apocalypse then takes an offensive position by giving Niki EXACTLY the same medicine and moves Niki did to her. This is a back and forth sexy battle of face sits. splashes. smothers and submission holds you don't want to miss. The loser is subjected to a ten second face sit smother pin! You have to have this one!

March 06, 2014

TK258 - Niki Lee Young vs Dark Machine

Enter the International Superstar. Playboy and Hustler model Niki Lee Young! And this hot blonde bombshell is making her debut match with the one and only Dark Machine! Niki however surprises the man monster and her audience by attacking the machine from the start. Taunting him as well as keeping him on the defense with low blows. kicks to his groin. foot stomps and strong leg scissors that surprise the man monster. Niki knocks the wind out of the man monster with her multiple body splash presses and even tries for a cover. But from there. Niki finds out that the more you piss the big guy off. the more pain your about to receive. The Machine attacks the blonde ambition with monstrous clotheslines. huge body blows to her perfect tummy. and some body splashes of his which knock the life out of poor Niki Niki is praying also to wake up from her nightmare as the Machine finishes off the complete package with his power bomb finisher! "Niki is the sexiest jobber to ever grace the Thunder Kittens" - Fan 1. 2. 3. DOWNLOAD!

February 25, 2014

TK257 - Jessie Belle vs Dark Machine VII

Jessie Belle is out for revenge as she attacks the Machine from the start! She hits him with forearms. knee lifts. body blows and of course her array of dirty south tactics and illegal choke holds that begin to infuriate the Man Monster! The Machine then starts to "Hulk Out" and retaliates against the Southern Sensation with clotheslines. headbutts. punches to Jessie head. and stunner that devastate poor Jessie Belle into almost a state of unconsciousness. The last few minutes of the match are a "jobber fantasy" delight as Jessie Belle is rag dolled by the Machine The Machine unloads with a DDT. Samoan Drop. Head Squeeze with his bare hands. monstrous head butts. running standing splashes. over the knee back breakers. blatant choke holds. and forearms to her beautiful midsection! Entertaining to the last guys! DOWNLOAD NOW!

February 25, 2014

TK256 - Jessie Belle vs Mini Machine II

Wrestlers: Jessie Belle Smothers, The Mini Machine

The Mini Machine Mark II gets his rematch with Jessie Belle The Mark II wants to prove once and for all that he is worthy to be the Machines Apprentice by destroying Jessie Belle This is an all out back and forth pro battle where Jessie and Machine II trade all sorts of pro moves. camel clutches. eye rakes. stomps. body blows and stomps and to each others head Does the Mimi Machine triumph or does Jessie deliver some Southern Whoop ASS!

February 25, 2014

TK255 - Jessie Belle vs Dark Machine VI

Once again. Jessie calls go unanswered for her match with Krysten Nicole or Apocalypse and once again the Dark Machine must take on the Southern Sensation in this back and forth battle of clothesline. scissor holds. splashes. dirty south tactics of eye gouges. and quick pins. But Jessie this time in for a surprise as the Machine didn't come alone! Jessie Belle finds herself on a double teamed double choke slam finisher! NOT where she wanted to be. Pure enjoyment for all you Jessie Belle fans!

February 17, 2014

TK254 - Dakota Charms vs Dark Machine

Since dakota lost the preliminary match against her partner addie its her turn to take on the man monster! Dakota starts off by trash talking the big man. Always not a good idea from behind the machine attacks dakota. Putting her small body thru painful body stretches. Camel clutches. Body slams and splashes. Torture racks. Dakota wants to give up. But keeps insulting the man monster's wrestling ability! Honestly dakota. Do yourself a favor. Shut up! Whoops. Too late. Your on the end of a double powerbomb finisher! Not the best way to make friends d!

February 17, 2014

TK253 - Apocalypse vs Addie Juniper

Wrestlers: Addie Juniper, Apocalypse

The thunder zone champion takes on addie juniper from sleeperkids world fame. Addie comes at apocalypse hard with body blows. Neck and body scissors. Splashes and extreme camel clutches. Apocalypse looks like she is about to give up. When finally she comes back with her own combos of body blows. Knee lifts. Grapevines and camel clutches! Does apocalypse wipe that smile of confidence off addie's face or do we have a new thunder zone champion? !

February 05, 2014

TK252 - Addie Juniper vs Dakota Charms - Winner Takes On Apocalypse

Wrestlers: Addie Juniper, Dakota Charms

Welcome Addie and Dakota from Sleeperkids World! After Addie and Dakota both double teamed Apocalypse. they are both at opposite ends on who should take Apocalypse on for the title! Both Ladies are in matching leopard outfits and both ladies are determined to see who the better wrestler is! It's a back and forth battle as both ladies exchange choke holds. powerful neck and body scissor holds. body splashes and camel clutch. One girl is even completely swept off her feet into a scoop body slam! But in the end. after all their sexy holds. one girl is left on the receiving end of a combination sleeper and body scissor hold clearly defining who is going after the champ -Apocalypse! It was great having these two known ladies in the Thunder Zone!

January 28, 2014

TK251 - Apocalypse vs Cynthia Sails

Wrestlers: Apocalypse, Cynthia Sails

The new champ is here and for her first time as champion she takes on new Thunder Kitten-Cynthia! The match is as one sided as can be as Apocalypse is more frustrated with the fact that she is taking on a newbie rather than someone worthy to fight the champ. As the match draws to a close and Apocalypse has nearly destroyed Cynthia with her arsenal of scissor holds. body splashes. camel clutches and painful stretch holds. ENTER Addie Juniper and Dakota Charms who take Apocalypse by surprise and double team the Goddess of Destruction with double ax handles. body splashes. and take turns punching her belly as the other one holds her. After Apocalypse has been laid out. they then turn to Cynthia and the same fate awaits the newbie. An awesome 2 on 1 beat down leaving both ladies KOed and Addie and Dakota now wondering who will be their next victim! Download this today!