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January 06, 2014

TK250 - Krysten Nicole vs Apocalypse - Thunder Zone Championship Match

This is it! Krysten nicole the thunder zone champion two years running takes on the goddess of destruction. Apocalypse for the belt! From start to finish its nothing but action. . Action. Action! Both experienced ladies exchange tests of strength. Body shots. Bear hugs. Leg and neck scissors. Body splashes. Camel clutches and even krysten's patented boston crabbe against apocalypse's pedigree after near fall two counts. Who will walk away champion? A great match to own for your collection!

January 06, 2014

TK249 - Diana vs Krysten VI-VII

(over one hour of sexy bikini wrestling) a sexy bikini pro style wrestling extravaganza featuring over one hour of the two top thunder kittens diana and krysten taking each other to the extreme. This is a two part match where both diana and krysten exchange body blows. Hair pulls. Scissor holds. Camel clutches. Low blows to the midsections. Crotch stomps. Arm and leg stretches. Grapevines and belly to belly splashes over 60 minutes of your two favorite thunder kittens for only $39. 99! Download now and enjoy!

January 06, 2014

TK248 - Diana vs The Dark Machine III

The machine must be stopped all the thunder kittens are worried that they are next! So diana the boss decides to give the man monster a verbal warning. Big mistake! From the first knockdown clothesline. The machine beats down diana from start to finish diana is completely taken by surprise as she is subjected to forearm smashes. Camel clutches. Vicious clothes line. Body and belly shots. Full nelson stretches. Monstrous bear hugs and stretches her body with tons of submission holds diana is left battered and limp and totally taken out by the machine! Who will stop him now? !

January 06, 2014

TK247 - Apocalypse vs Dark Machine V

Out for absolute revenge the machine now goes after apocalypse the goddess of destruction! The machine finds out that it was apocalypse who blind sided him with a pipe when he wrestled frankie napoli. Now its just the machine and apocalypse and he makes her pay! The machine attacks her with knee and body blows. Bear hugs. Forearms smashes and lots and lots of painful stretch and submission holds. Belly punches. Full nelsons. Fireman's carry into a samoan drop. Clothes lines. The machine constantly knocks the wind out of the goddess of destruction until finally locks her into a standing sleeper hold that puts apocalypse into dreamland and the machine going for the three count just to satisfy his thirst for revenge! You will actually feel sorry for the beating apocalypse got in this match nooo you won't:)

January 06, 2014

TK246 - Azani vs Dark Machine III

The machine continues his onslaught on all the thunder kittens this time it is queen azani who is his next victim from start to finish the machine tortures azani with monster clotheslines. Scoop body slams. Vicious body blows and stomps. Forearm smash. Torture racks. Samoan drop and more azani is left bruised. Battered and broken after the machine finishes her off with his standing power slam! A must have for you one-sided squash fans!

November 06, 2013

TK245 - Azani vs Apocalypse

The queen of bling bling vs the goddess of destruction for the number one contender spot for the thunder zone championship the winner takes on : krysten nicole! Both ladies pull out all the stops as they exchange the following holds against each other: camel clutches. Grapevines. Leg scissor holds. Body scissors. Body splashes. Punches. Knee lifts. Boston crabbes. Surfboards. And clotheslines! (apocalypse did this match while she was deathly ill with flu:) hats off to these ladies. But who landed on top who is the new number one contender?

October 30, 2013

TK244 - Zara vs Dark Machine

The dark machine continues his onslaught. This time his victim is zara (zara is in a beautiful royal blue two piece bikini) from start to finish. It is all machine. Smashing the dark haired beauty with clotheslines. Gorilla presses. Multi-forearms to the chest. Multi-body blows to her midsection. Reverse chin locks. Over the knee back breakers. Stomach cruncher. Head pounds to the mats. Rear naked chokes. Firemans carrys and much much more! Zara is beaten from start to finish in this one sided match that made her shine as a jobber/submissive order now!

November 01, 2013

TK243 - Diana vs Mimi II (bikini Beat Down)

Wrestlers: Diana, Mimi

After mimi obtained bragging rights on her win over diana. She thinks shes on top of the world. That is until diana shows up and starts tearing down mimi's world! From start to finish for over 26 minutes. Its diana uses her legs to put mimi in all types of leg submission holds stretching mimi's little body to her limits! Mimi is on the receiving end of diana's bearhugs. Double axe handles. Body punches. Knee lifts. And even a camel clutch! In the end. Mimi is the victim of diana rear naked choke sleeper! Diana. Looks like your title as world destroyer has just been earned!

November 01, 2013

TK242 - Diana vs Mimi Round 1 (bikini Wrestling)

Wrestlers: Diana, Mimi

Mimi doesn't like the fact that she is constantly being made fun of her size and skills so. She challenges the boss. Diana to a match from the start. Its more of a one sided match as diana teaches mimi all about her being the queen of squeeze. Diana uses her legs as lethal weapons to drain the life out of the mighty one. Diana unloads with body punches. Camel clutches and an arrays of body and neck scissors. Bear hugs and double axe handle smashes we were even amazed when diana powered mimi into a piledriver hold. But did not execute. Maybe next time d:) but mimi doesn't take it for long and a quick turnaround takes diana by surprise with her own array of body shots and leg scissors. In the end. One girl is left laying flat on her back with another girl over her in a school girl victory pin! You'll never guess who:)

November 01, 2013

TK241 - Mimi vs Dark Machine II

In this match. Dark machine starts his rampage and onslaught! His first victim. The mighty mimi this match is completely one-sided and mimi does not stand a chance the machine attacks with fists and elbows to her forehead. Numerous head butts. Clotheslines. Back breakers. Multiple blows to her head. Multiple forearms to her midsection. And hairpulls after hairpulls that have mimi wincing in pain! A huge power bomb finishes mimi off but thats not all! There is an extra footage from a match with diana vs mimi where the machine comes in and helps mimi up only to punish her some more! There is even a huge gorilla press that machine delivers to mimi scream and download if you love one sided squash matches!